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Show 99 - Dynamic Presence - Practice Mindfulness to Exponentially Grow your Business

Lila Gonzalez - Author, Speaker, Coach

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Lila Gonzalez joins us on the AOC to educate us how being mindful and dynamically present will lead to exponential business growth.

She shares her easy three-step breathing technique that will teach you mindfulness and make you a better communicator. Lila also shares some tips from her 7 Step Sales Program that you can start implementing today for unlimited growth in all areas of your life!

Lila is a teacher of harnessing the power of femininity and is an advocate for mindful living, providing unique strategies for personal growth and transformation to men and women across the globe. Growing up in poverty, experiencing abuse and emotional neglect as a child, Lila strived hard to gain acceptance and fulfillment through her academic achievements, physical fitness goals, and material belongings, with the ope of building a brighter life for herself.

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