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AOC Show 179: The Online Marketplace for Construction Bidding

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer


Kevin Priddy, President and CEO at Planhub, joins us on this episode 179 of Art of Construction.

Kevin has been in construction for over two decades, and was originally a concrete general contractor and subcontractor. During his time running a concrete business, Kevin struggled with the tedious bidding process of construction and decided to seek out a better way. In 2009, EliteProNet was created to bring professionals together in the construction industry within a cloud-based platform. Even with this innovation, Priddy observed that general contractors and subcontractors need different processes regarding bidding, email sizes and the costliness of Dropbox file storage from year to year.

This led to the creation of Planhub.

PlanHub is a cloud-based construction bidding software and online plan room that is made specifically for general contractors AND subcontractors to grow their businesses. It aims to be your all-in-one tool to bid on projects as a subcontractor, and post contracts as a general contractor, while sharing project files and important information on a cloud-based network you can access anywhere.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Kevin to learn all about his history in the construction business, why you should always be striving to improve your bid process, and how Planhub is working to better connect the AOC Tribe!

Try out Planhub for free at

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