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AOC Show 199: Bidding Made Easy

Evan Williams, Vice President of Product Management for PlanHub, and Scott Hicken, Art of Construction Executive Producer, join us for episode 199 of Art of Construction.

We first met PlanHub when we interviewed President and CEO Kevin Priddy on AOC Show 179. PlanHub is a cloud-based construction bidding software and online plan room that is made specifically for general contractors AND subcontractors to grow their businesses. It aims to be your all-in-one tool to bid on projects as a subcontractor, and post contracts as a general contractor, while sharing project files and important information on a cloud-based network you can access anywhere.

Since we first interviewed them, PlanHub has seen significant growth. And with that growth has come the launch of new features, many of which have been built specifically for subcontractors. In a sea of construction tech tools all currently vying to be adopted by our industry as a whole, PlanHub's rapid growth shows they are clearly doing something right. We wanted to dive deeper and find out what that is, and so we decided to speak with their head of product development to find out how their team works with their contractor and subcontractor clients to continue building out new features that help them post and bid on projects more easily and efficiently.

Join Devon and Scott as they go on a journey with Evan to uncover PlanHub's product development process, and how him and his team are working to use the power of new technology and design to make bidding on projects and growing your business truly easier for you, the Art of Construction Tribe.


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AOC With PlanHub CEO Kevin Priddy

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