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AOC Show 229/Building an IT House Series: Examining the Blueprints

Ryan Lee, President and CEO of Information Technology Solutions, Corp joins us for episode 229 of Art of Construction, and episode two of our Deep Dive Series looking into how construction projects and IT platforms are built, and humanizing IT in construction.

In our first episode of this series, we learned about the parallels of construction projects and IT platforms, and how laying the foundation for each is a necessary step to achieve project success. Now that we've laid that foundation, we must ensure the blueprints are correct and planning is perfect before we build on top of it!

The AEC and IT industries have both seen (and have been guilty of) just going to get it done, quickly and swiftly to move on to the next project. But without planning or blueprints, those little tedious tasks left undone can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Blueprints and plans give a project structure and flow, allowing processes and people to securely transition to the next stage.

Join Ryan and Devon as they discuss how planning and examining blueprints before 'getting it done' will keep clients and employees safe and satisfied, the ever-changing security aspect of projects, the crucial role that leadership has in new processes, and the impact of connectivity.



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