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AOC Show 236/Artificial Intelligence Series: How AI Mitigates Risk And Ensures Profit

Phil Carpenter, CMO at ALICE Technologies, and Michael MacBean, Project Director at Pacific Structures, join us for episode 236 of Art of Construction and episode 1 of our Deep Dive Series looking into how artificial intelligence can improve construction projects.

Pacific Structures is one of the leading concrete contractors in California. Their team has three decades of experience designing and building some of California’s most complex concrete structures. Michael originally joined Pacific Structures as their Director of Preconstruction, and early in his time there he implemented the use of ALICE's AI Simulator on their projects.

When doing the types of jobs Pacific Structures takes on, there is no room for error. When you're building giant concrete structures, your crew schedules, materials, equipment availability, productions rates and more can all make or break your success and profitability on a project.

Mike began using ALICE at Pacific Structures to streamline his planning and management of all those variables. By using the power of artificial intelligence to find the optimal solutions for his projects, his time can be spent making valuable business decisions instead of having to consistently track and analyze all sorts of details about a project.

Join Devon, Phil and Mike as they discuss the way ALICE's algorithms improve Pacific Structures' projects, utilizing ALICE's visually generated solutions for team and stakeholder presentations, and what preconstruction and project management will look like in a fully digitized AEC industry.


Alice Technologies

AOC Show 213: Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Construction?

Pacific Structures

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