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AOC Show 239/Artificial Intelligence Series: Don't Get Stuck On An Island

Chris Baze, Architect and BIM Manager at Hawaiian Dredging, and Phil Carpenter, CMO at ALICE Technologies, join us for episode 239 of Art of Construction and episode 2 of our Deep Dive Series looking into how artificial intelligence can improve construction projects.

Hawaiian Dredging is Hawaii's largest and most diversified general contractor. They decided to implement ALICE on their projects to break down the silos within their company and bring every department together under one unified project plan. In a place like Hawaii, you're literally and figuratively on an island. If things go wrong on your project, there's no immediate solution or quick fix outside of what you already have. In a situation like this, using ALICE especially makes sense; planning and managing a project's schedule is extremely high pressure, with no room for miscalculations

The triangle of construction is quality, time and cost. Traditionally we're told in our industry you can only focus on two of the three. But this changes with ALICE. As Chris describes, what ALICE does for Hawaiian Dredging that's so incredible is that it reduces the learning curve needed for projects dramatically. The intuitive knowledge gained after 20 years of doing a certain type of project can be calculated and translated to a team in an instant through ALICE's algorithms and software.

Join Chris, Devon and Phil as they discuss how ALICE is evolving the way Hawaiian Dredging does projects, the importance of getting jobsite superintendents on board with new technology as a key metric for adoption, the unique challenges and benefits of building complex buildings on an island, and why starting a project with a full data set of best practices is so much more powerful than starting from a blank sheet.


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