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AOC Show 248: Mixed Reality: Integrating the Digital and Real World

Nathan Patton, Product Manager at Trimble, joins us for episode 248 of Art of Construction.

As we learned on AOC Show 241 with David Burczyk, Trimble is a company that's transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. They have been developing mixed reality hardware since the late 90's. In 2014 they partnered with Microsoft to work on the HoloLens Project. Thinking of problems that this technology could solve on a construction site, Trimble and Microsoft created the Trimble XR10, the only HoloLens 2-compatible hardware with an industry-standard hardhat and safety certification. Workers can visualize a project's model on the field, and all recorded spatial data is accessible by any employee, providing a single source of truth in a digital frame.

Nathan Patton got his degree in geomatics engineering - recording and applying spatial data - and worked at Stantec in 2014 as a surveyor in construction. He joined Trimble through their rotational development program, where he gained experience working closely with the buildings and construction team in mixed reality. Now as a Product Manager, Nathan spearheaded the development of FieldLink, Trimble's latest construction layout and scanning software. Trimble FieldLink transitions across all Trimble layout and scanning instruments to help contractors translate the precision of 3D models directly into the field.

Join Nathan and Devon as they discuss the benefits of mixed reality in construction, how Trimble works closely with their customers to ensure real problems are being solved, and how this medium can facilitate the collaboration between a retiring workforce and a new, tech-embracing generation. And for those who are confused, Nathan clarifies the differences between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.



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