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AOC Show 283: Breaking New Ground in Fiber‑to‑the‑Home Internet

Scott Sampson, CEO at Fiber Fast Homes, joins us for episode 283 of Art of Construction.

Fiber Fast Homes partners with builders, developers, and build-to-rent communities to build Fiber-to-the-Home infrastructure and provide Fiber Internet service to residents. Today’s new home buyers demand fast Internet service to keep up with their home office, smart home, and entertainment needs. Their builder and developer partners choose Fiber Fast Homes for the best in technology paired with white glove service, starting with infrastructure build through everyday customer support.

Join Devon and Scott as they discuss the history and evolution of Internet in the home, what contractors need to know about fiber internet and where it is headed, how Fiber Fast Homes works with builders and developers, and why customer service is the key factor for Internet providers that can make all the difference in the experience for the homeowner.


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