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AOC Show 347: Building interoperability in software

This is episode 1 of 4 for a Deep Dive Series recorded at the AEC Summit in Austin, Texas in April 2024! If you hear any background noise, that's because this episode was recorded LIVE at the AEC Summit!

“We’re going to have to solve the way that those products work together, and in doing that we’re going to be able to make construction projects run better, run quicker, and run at budget.”

Join us for this episode as Devon chats with Greg Mattes about software interoperability!

Greg is the product leader for Trimble App Xchange, a low-code integration platform helping Trimble partners and customers automate their data workflows. Previously he has worked in a variety of industries including space exploration, K-12 education, and health technology. No matter the industry, Greg loves solving customer problems, and software interoperability in the construction industry is a big challenge where App Xchange is making a big difference.

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