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AOC Show 209: Determining the Value of Your Work

Luke Miller, host of the Tile Money podcast, joins us for episode 209 of Art of Construction.

Tile, like any trade within the construction industry, is a specialty all its own. Behind each home adorned with stunning tile floors is a contractor that’s also a craftsman. But having artistic ability with little to no business sense is what can break your hustle.

Starting out as a day laborer at age 14 and becoming a tile contractor at 25, Luke Miller has seen, worked and lived the tile business for decades. Throughout his career, he’s realized that many contractors in tile were willing to share tips in the field but were much more hesitant when it came to business advice. With seeing too many of his own kind working countless hours and getting underpaid, he knew neglecting business practices wasn’t an option. He took this opportunity and ran, as he now hosts the Tile Money podcast and its connected Facebook group, where both seasoned tile professionals and those just beginning can get insight in laying out their business - from choosing the right insurance to understanding what your expertise as a subcontractor is worth.

Join Luke and Devon as they align the Tile Money and AOC tribes and discuss what makes tile different from other trades, utilizing social media as an educational tool, and the profitable power in knowing the ins and outs of your business.



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