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AOC Show 108/SBL Series - Modular Builds - How Does it Work?

Ken Semler, founder and President of Express Modular

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Ken Semler, founder and President of Express Modular, joins us on System Build Lifestyle to teach us about the modular building industry.

Misconceptions about the industry abound - modular building is neither mobile nor manufactured housing, but rather a type of construction process. Instead of the traditional sticks and bricks onsite building model, modular units are fabricated offsite, then the pre-made pieces are assembled onsite by a company like Express Modular. Modular construction combines a faster turn-around time with fully customized options and may be the solution to your next build!

Actively participating in the residential modular construction industry, Ken serves on the Board of Directors for the Modular Home Builders Association and is also its current Treasurer. He is active in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). As such, he is a National Director representing his local HBA within the national organization. In addition, he actively supports Modular Building within the NAHB by participating on the Building Systems Council and is currently serving as its Vice Chair.

Ken is a licensed/registered home builder/general contractor in almost every state in the country. He launched Express Modular to become the industry's first internet based nationwide custom home builder. His efforts have culminated in a nationwide network of 25+ modular home factories that permits his company to reach each and every state along with an expert sales consulting team to support each region. His company also provides modular additions and has a product line of additions and cottages focused on senior and disability care at Better Living Express. This product is an extension of the current modular construction business that specifically helps family caregivers keep family members in or near their homes.

Ken promotes the modular construction industry by regularly speaking at events such as the NAHB – International Builder Show, MHBA events/meetings, Performance Builder Association meeting and other events where builders, real estate agents, and home owners want to learn more about the modular construction process.

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