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AOC Show 210: Material Science Will Advance Construction

Scott Jenkins and Dr. Doug Brown, CEO and CTO of ZS2 Technologies, join us for episode 210 of Art of Construction.

Build better buildings. It’s what AOC and our tribe are all about. But how do we actually do it? By using more sustainable materials and processes. It sounds simple, but in an industry where too many builders are reluctant to change, the challenges seem impossible to overcome. Fear not, as Scott Jenkins and Dr. Doug Brown reassure us that no old construction material or method is set in stone – not even cement, and there’s real science to back it up.

By developing and manufacturing low-carbon materials like cement alternatives, prefabricated panels and even composite stud technologies, ZS2 Technologies believes in developing high-performing, sustainable solutions in construction, for a better performing industry and a healthier planet. Not only is this forward-thinking approach mindful about the planet we live on, but it's also conscious in reducing the length and cost of a project.

Tune in as Scott, Doug and Devon discuss the mad science and business sense behind ZS2 Technologies, navigating advancements that’re crucial to our industry’s growth and success, and the true power of sustainable construction.



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