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Show 49 - Giving Your Business a Leg Up in the Construction Industry

Jason Brown, President of Ascent Builders
Ascent Builders website link

On this episode of the Art of Construction, Jason Brown, President of Ascent Builders, discusses his experience of growing a small high-end remodeling and construction company into a large full service general contracting company, covering all phases of residential and commercial construction. You’ll learn how to utilize technology as a key component to improve customer service, project management and other elements of your business. Jason shares the mistakes he made, and what he would have done differently, as well as the choices and actions that have helped his company thrive.

In 2006, Ascent Builders was founded by two corporate executives who believed the Colorado construction industry was missing a company dedicated to delivering high-quality customer service along with high-quality craftsmanship. Our leadership team, which has a collective 50 years of experience, was inspired to address this significant need in the industry.

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