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Show 87 - Photo Measurement - A New Tool to Fast Track your Business

James Pardue, Senior Vice President of Sales at the Spike Business Unit of ikeGPS

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James Pardue, Senior Vice President of Sales at the Spike Business Unit of ikeGPS, joins us on this episode of the Art of Construction.

James tells us about Spike, a laser extension for your smart phone that allows you to take quick and accurate measurements and overlay them on photographs, all without the need for rulers or additional tools. Learn how to fast track your estimates to save your business time and money.

James is a geospatial industry veteran with 23 years of distinguished service at the world’s leading geospatial firms. He has a passion to change the way people explore, experience and collect information about our world. At ikeGPS, he is leading that change with innovative mobile technologies to make the collection of data about our world accessible, available and affordable to geospatial user communities. You can reach James at 303-880-4306.

Spike Product Description-

Spike is a laser measurement solution that allows you to measure elevations, widths, and areas of commercial and residential projects, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone and Spike device. Save significant time on your site walks by using Spike’s photo measurements to complete your bids and estimates. Utilize Spike’s Photo Measurements as part of your day-to-day design work with AutoCAD, Revit and ARCHICAD.

Simply take photos of a project site using the Spike app, Spike laser device and your smartphone or tablet. Once photos have been captured, export a Spike Scaled Image from the Spike Cloud. This Image is 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected, and is ready for import into your CAD softwre where you can immediately measure and design using the native tools. What used to sometimes take days to measure a project to be ready for CAD import can now happen within minutes, all from a smartphone.

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