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AOC Show 224/Blue Collar Warrior Series: Honesty is the Best Policy

Josh Gubser and Justin Luna, Co-owners of Truth Design Build, and Jon Stambaugh, Logistics Director of AOC and Mountain View Window & Door, join us for episode 224 of Art of Construction and episode three of our Blue Collar Warrior series.

Truth Design Build is a Denver-based firm that’s dedicated to working creatively, transparently and with unparalleled attention to detail, while also promoting justice and equity and minimizing their carbon footprint within their community. Their non-traditional route combined with years of trial-and-error experiences have given them wide ranges of project expertise – from remodels, to restaurants, to custom homes.

Having collaborated, failed and succeeded together in the field, Josh and Justin had a keen sense of the company they wanted and didn’t want to be while founding Truth Design Build. With honesty and genuine care for their warriors and their clients, they’re able to provide better homes and lives for all involved, as opposed to putting profits before people.

Tune in as Josh, Justin, Jon and Devon discuss the unique foundation and fundamentals of Truth Design Build, finding the intersection of construction, budget and design feasibility, stories of hardships and lessons learned in the field, and how sometimes the most unconventional ways of doing things are the best ways.



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