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AOC Show 231/Building an IT House Series: Integrations and Support for a Sound Structure

Ryan Lee, President and CEO of Information Technology Solutions, Corp joins us for episode 231 of Art of Construction, and episode three of our Deep Dive Series looking into how construction projects and IT platforms are built, and humanizing IT in construction.

We've laid the foundation. We've examined the blueprints and have a clear, cohesive plan. Now what? We start to see it come together, by carefully integrating the various systems and supporters that work best for our businesses and our buildings!

Think of IT integrations and support as you'd think of subcontractors on a construction project. All of these intricacies working together toward one common goal – a well-built structure for people to not only survive in, but thrive in. Their unique skillsets are essential. If something is overlooked, miscommunicated or jumbled, the whole project can turn into a costly mess. Technology should work for YOU, not the other way around, which is more than possible with a keen understanding of your business objective and beginning with the end in mind.

Tune in as Ryan and Devon discuss the deeper parallels of IT and construction projects, finding your business's "IT vitals" and key integrations to begin with, how the right support is necessary for success, and the strength of a truly connected team.



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