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AOC Show 233/Building an IT House Series: Connectivity Creates the House

Ryan Lee, President and CEO of Information Technology Solutions, Corp joins us for episode 233 of Art of Construction, and episode four of our Deep Dive Series looking into how construction projects and IT platforms are built, and humanizing IT in construction.

From laying the foundation, to examining the blueprints, to finding the right integrations and support for our project, our IT house is almost complete! Now, our last step is ensuring the data we need is easily accessible from wherever we're working – at a jobsite, the home office, or our favorite remote workplace. Construction and technology have many layers that can change at the drop of a hat, so it is crucial that a mutual, connected understanding of the project among all of those involved is put into place.

Join Ryan and Devon as they discuss the best integrations for connecting the field to the office, the many uses of data in construction practices, what we can learn from video games, and how technology should always work to help your business, not hinder it.



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